Get to know BetterSmile.

Driven by user experiences and results, BetterSmile constantly strives to discover better ways to give people like you a whiter, brighter smile.

Our Mission

We want to help you achieve your best smile.

We all share a common enemy: yellow-stained teeth. We get it. It sucks not to be able to smile confidently. We made it our mission to change that. Our goal is to bring dentist-grade teeth whitening right into the comfort of your own home and provide you with the results you deserve in just 30 minutes. At BetterSmile, we work hard to develop gentle, effective formulas because we care about your dental health. All this is because we believe in achieving better smiles with no compromise.

The Problem?

Yellow teeth. Period.

Having yellow teeth sucks. Professional teeth whitening is expensive. Cheaper, in-home alternatives either don’t work or come with nasty side effects. (Yikes!)

Our solution?

Hassle-free, in-home teeth whitening

We combined pioneering teeth whitening formulas with human-centric design to create dentist-grade teeth whitening products that are more effective, convenient, and accessible.

The verdict?

2 shades whiter in 1 treatment with BetterSmile.

BetterSmile is tested by real people and proven to produce instant results! Our community loves BetterSmile because it whitens, brightens, and strengthens your teeth with every use.


achieved whiter teeth


achieved 3+ shades whiter


experienced sensitivity

What is the SmileCare Community?

The SmileCare Community is the backbone of BetterSmile because sometimes science is just not enough. Feedback from the community is crucial to making solutions that work for everybody. We value your feedback because it helps us develop solutions that really work.

It’s about better solutions, better smiles, and better lives.

Let’s create the future of SmileCare, together.

From one yellow-toothed fellow to another, BetterSmile is always striving to find ways to help you smile brighter. 

Our goal is to create dentist-grade teeth whitening tools that are effective, convenient and accessible. But we know we can’t do this alone. Be a part of the SmileCare Community, and let’s embark on this journey together.