What are “Microdarts”?

Microdarts quickly and painlessly eliminate pimples and promote healing by delivering acne-fighting ingredients below the skin surface.

Why are Microdarts Special?

Backed By Science

The technique is proven to improve product absorption & promote healing.

Dual-Action Formula

Special formula that calms redness & irritation and absorbs underlying pus

Perfect for Stubborn Pimples

Quicker relief for blind, cystic acne compared to traditional patches

Tiny Needles With Big Impact

Microdarts are covered by tiny, painless needles that carry acne-fighting ingredients. Once applied, these “needles” dissolves under your skin to soothe redness & irritation.

Perfect For Stubborn Pimples

Infused with three important ingredients, the “needles” releases Niamcinamide to fight bacterial growth, Centella Asiatica to promte healing, and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate your skin.

So Good At Absorbing The Nasty Stuff

Made with hydrocolloid – a gentle, fluid absorbing gel that pulls out any pus, or excessive oil & sebum at the root of your pimples.

Numbers don’t lie.

We tested the effect of Microdarts on people with acne-prone skin. The numbers speak for themselves.


See Reduced Redness After The First Use


Participants Now Use Microdarts Every Month


Cystic Pimples Are Flattened In 3 Uses