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Our warehouse fulfils orders very quickly to ensure everyone receives their orders quickly. Therefore, we cannot make any edits or changes to your order once you have placed them.
We accept the following payment methods: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash On Delivery (COD), FPX transfer and Atome - Buy now, Pay later
We can’t modify your order but we are sure you will have a positive experience with BetterSmile. In any case, we offer a refund program which you can read more about here.
We will send you an email as soon as your order is fulfilled. This email will contain your receipt and shipping information. You’ll be able to track your order on your devices using the tracking link or tracking number with NinjaVan. Don’t freak out if you haven’t received an email yet. It will come once your order gets dispatched.

*Please note that tracking can take around 24 hours to update after dispatch.
Please contact as soon as possible. We may be able to change the delivery address for you if your order is not yet processed by our warehouse. However, do bear in mind that our warehouse arranges for dispatch very soon after orders are received.
We are as eager as you are, but great products take time to design and formulate. We do have a few community trials on the way though. So take that however you will!
It utilises colour theory to achieve perceivably brighter teeth by brushing. Our Violet-34 Colour Corrector employs the perfect purple hue to counterbalance different yellow undertones in your teeth. It is a temporary brightening toothpaste that works best as a post-treatment alongside our PAP Whitening Strips
It uses a non-invasive formula and specialist blend of red-33 and blue-1 pigments for instant teeth brightening. The Purple Colour Corrector is formulated to deposit a thin, semi-transparent violet layer on the enamel to shift the net colour of your teeth and create a visually perceivable brighter smile.
Using the Purple Colour Corrector is easy. Spread a generous amount of Purple Colour Corrector over your teeth. Keep on for 3 minutes. Brush and rinse. You can find our instructions on the packaging too.
The PAP Whitening Strips are our on-the-go teeth whitening solution. They employ PAP particles to break down yellow stains and remineralize your teeth. Expect instant results within one treatment and zero gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.
We infuse our BetterSmile PAP Whitening Strips with three chemical compounds. The first and primary ingredient in our PAP formula is Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (PAP). PAP whitens teeth by oxidising organic pigments (chromogens). In simple terms, PAP breaks the double bonds in these organic compounds to neutralise its staining capabilities. The second compound is nano-hydroxyapatite. It works to remineralize and rebuild your enamel. The third compound is potassium citrate which is often found in desensitising toothpaste. Together, these two compounds counteract the acidity of PAP particles.
The PAP Whitening Strips come in a box of 10 individual and sterile packages. Remove the strips from the packaging, stick them on the top and bottom row of your teeth, and remove them after 30 minutes. We recommend using the strips on dry teeth for easier application.
Once you place your order, BetterSmile arranges for dispatch at the earliest moment possible. We always aim to prepare our orders on the day they are received.
After our courier partner picks up your order, it may take 5-7 working days to arrive at your doorstep, depending on your location. Once dispatched, you will receive an email containing a tracking number or tracking link, which you can use to monitor your order.
If your parcel is damaged during transit, you may be eligible for a full refund. Please contact us as soon as possible!
Please take clear photos of everything you have received and the condition of the products. Kindly notify us of the incident at within 7 days after the parcel is delivered. Send us photos of the damaged items so we can inspect and replace them.
BetterSmile offers a return program only for those unsatisfied with the product. You might qualify to return your BetterSmile product if you conformed to the return program guidelines. The data you collect will provide the metrics that may show why BetterSmile did not work for you. Learn more about our return program here.
Once you are deemed qualified to make a return, you should receive a full refund into the account you used to make your purchase within 14 working days.